About me

Hi, I’m Frank! I was born in Leiden but went to school in Malden and Nijmegen. After that I studied Business Administration and Philosophy at the Radboud University, and now I’m doing a PhD in Philosophy at the Open University. There’s more, but most of it is elsewhere on this website. In my spare time I cycle, tapdance, travel and spend time with my wonderful brain-computer-interface building, piano playing and pie-baking girlfriend.

Basic stats
Full name: Frank Ruben van Caspel
Date of birth: November 7, 1985
Place of birth: Leiden
Education: Master of Arts in Philosophy of Mind
Master of Science in Organizational Design & Development
Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Curriculum Vitae

If you want a more formal overview of my qualifications you can download my CV. Warning: currently not up to date!

Social Media

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